Anglican Church of Canada

Phone: 250.768.5818

3690 Brown Road
West Kelowna , BC   V4T 1Z1


bc211 is a nonprofit organization that specializes in providing free information and referral regarding community, government and social services in BC.

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Best Western

Phone: 250.707.1637

3460 Carrington Road
West Kelowna , BC   V4T 3C1

Disability Parking Permit

Phone: 778.797.1000

2760 Cameron Road
West Kelowna , BC   V1Z 2T6

Emmanuel Assembly Westbank

Phone: 250.768.7638

2600 Hebert Drive
West Kelowna , BC   V4T 2J6

Faith’s Door Baptist Church

Phone: 250.826.0567

3675 Webber Road
West Kelowna , BC   V4T 1E5

Freemason Volunteer Drivers – rides for cancer patients

Thompson-Okanagan: 1.800.299.0188

Penticton/Kelowna daily: 250.712.1101

Kelowna: 250.712.2203

2251 Abbott Street
Kelowna, BC   V1Y 1E2

Grace Lutheran Church

Phone: 250.769.5685

1162 Hudson Road
Westbank, BC   V1Z 1J3

Handidart Bus

Phone: 250.762.3278

1494 Hardy Street
Kelowna, BC   V1Y 8H2

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Highway Gospel Hall

Phone: 250.768.3923

2549 Herbert Road
West Kelowna , BC   V4T 2J6

Holiday Inn

Phone: 250.768.8879

2569 Dobbin Road
West Kelowna , BC   V4T 2J6

Jehovah’s Witnesses Glenrosa Lakeview Heights & Peachland

Phone: 250.707.3150

3808 Salloum Road
West Kelowna, BC   V4T 1E3

Kelowna Drivers Services Centre

Phone: 250.861.7970

Kelowna Transit

Phone: 250.860.8121

Lakeview Heights Baptist Church

Phone: 250.769.5922

2630 Alhambra Drive
West Kelowna , BC   V1Z 2Z3

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

Phone: 250.768.4144

Society of St. Vincent De Paul : 250.801.5905

2547 Hebert Road
Westbank, BC   V4T 2J6

Peachland Food Bank

Phone: 250.767.3312

4440 5th Street
Peachland, BC   V0H 1X0

Peachland Library

Phone: 1.250.767.9111

40 - 5500 Clements Crescent (Peachland Village Mall)
Peachland, BC   V0H 1X5

Peachland United Church

Phone: 250.767.2206

4421 4th Street
Peachland, BC   V0H 1X6

Potter’s House Community Church

Phone: 250.768.8145

2829 Inverness Road
West Kelowna , BC   V4T 1J5

Power’s Creek Community Church

Phone: 250.768.3924

3718 Glenway Road
West Kelowna , BC   V4T 1E2

Redeemer Lutheran Church

Phone: 250.768.9393

3637 Brown Road
Westbank, BC   V4T 1P7

Salvation Army Westbank

Phone: 250.768.1850

101-3531 Old Okanagan Highway
Westbank, BC   V4T 1N7

Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Phone: 250.768.6717

3155 Glenrosa Road
West Kelowna , BC   V4T 1A1

Sunridge Community Church

Phone: 250.769.7612

1190 Stevens Road
West Kelowna , BC   V1Z 1G1

Super 8

Phone: 250.769.2355

1655 Westgate Road
Kelowna, BC   V1Z 3P1

Taxi Saver/Custom Transit Service (First Canada)

Reduced rates for eligible persons

Phone: 250.762.3278

The Church of Latter-day Saints

Phone: 250.769.8576

2170 McDougall Road
West Kelowna , BC   V1Z 3A3

Volunteer Drivers – Westside Health Network

Volunteer drivers assist those who have difficulty accessing the public transit system

Phone: 250.768.3305

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West Kelowna Community Food Bank

Phone: 250.768.1559

2545 Churchill (Between Dobbin & Main)
West Kelowna, BC   V4T 2B4

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Westbank Bible Chapel

Phone: 250.768.2444

2412 Apollo Road
Westbank, BC   V4T 1P6

Westbank Library

Phone: 250.768.4369

31 - 2484 Main Street
West Kelowna , BC   V4T 2G2

Westbank United Church

Phone: 250.768.4426

3672 Brown Road
Westbank, BC   V4T 1P7

Westgate Church

Phone: 250.768.9677

2221 Moose Road
Westbank, BC   V4T 2G8

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